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prom limo 1024x505 NJ LIMOS PROMWe offer several types of NJ Prom Limos with various configurations to meet your needs. Give us a call to determine the amenities available within our limo fleet.

We are Very Safety Conscientious:

The most important thing to us limo safety. We are a registered with the New Jersey Limousine & taxi commission. We possess the proper levels of NJ Prom Limos insurance and licenses.  We display our limousine licenses and proper limo insurance credentials at our main office located in New Jersey.

Plan ahead:

Think about all the details of your NJ Prom Limo experience. For example, do you need ice or refreshments? Do you have any preference when it comes to the route taken. How many pickups or drop offs will there be? When you provide us with these details, it will assist us in providing a more accurate quote before you book with us.

Get the right New Jersey Prom Limo price quote:

If you plan on doing comparison NJ Prom Limos shopping, make sure you are comparing limo services with all NJ limousine company prospects. We offer several NJ Prom Limo Packages. Pay attention to additional fees, such as fuel surcharges, tolls or other services fees not included in the base price. Also, it is customary to tip our NJ Prom Limos chauffeur between 18-20% of the base limo rental price. Be sure you get the full price, including all additional fees when comparing your options.

Reserve your NJ Prom Limos Early:

Start your prom limo service search well before hand. There are several benefits to booking your prom limousine early, such as limo selection, price guarantee and availability. Generally, it is best to start looking 4 - 8 weeks before your prom date.  When you book your reservation for any of our NJ Prom Limos, you will receive a confirmation and a contract of your reservation in writing. Also, its a good idea to contact us a week before the event, to give you the confidence in knowing your NJ prom limos are reserved for your prom date and time. Be sure to give an extra 30 -45 minutes than needed whenever setting up any type of detailed routing. Events may take longer than expected.

About our Staff
All our drivers are courteous, friendly and attentive to every detail of your occasion. All our limousine drivers are uniformed for your occasion. Our employees are trained and trustworthy to provide the best in professionalism and service to make your event or occasion a success.

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